CIOsynergy sponsorship packages offer valuable access to the Office of the CIO. Sponsors choose levels of access that range from 'Exhibiting' to engaging as 'Content Partners'. Take the plunge and customize your access today.

Access to the 'Office of the CIO' simplified 

CIOsynergy events are designed to attract and engage the who's who of enterprise IT; these are the CIOs, VPs, and Senior Directors that hold the budgets and make the decisions. We hold the key to these IT leaders through our events that incorporate mind blowing keynotes, revealing CIO panels, and explosive case studies. A reason why 300 solution providers sponsored us in 2013.  

Tools to ignite real relationships

From the shuffleIT that enables you to engage in unique round table discussions to the CIOdraw that drives attendee traffic to your exhibit, and the CIOpanel that discovers attendee pain points we have tools that are designed to engage and inspire discussions that leave the doors of our event and nurture into real relationships. 

Targeting the IT leaders you want

Post event follow up has never been this easy

We have you covered. You need 'Relationships' with IT leaders and we know that requires 'Access' and 'Credibility', once you've aquired this through our event you get complete contact info for all attendees and results from our post event CIOsurvey (included in Silver, Gold and Content Partner packages). The CIOsurvey gives you insight to make those conversations matter.

Sure you target IT leaders, but you have your sweet spot; whether its a certain size of company, a specific industry or a targetted accounts list we've got you covered. With the Wish-List exclusive to CIOsynergy you can have us target upto 50 of your ideal companies. Including in ALL sponsorship packages - making CIOsynergy an obvious decision for your team. 

“CIOsynergy has turned out to be an excellent lead generation forum. We've been able to develop relationships with senior executives that would otherwise have been almost impossible to meet.”

John Bernard
VP, Enterprise Marketing OSSCube

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Who Are We? We're CXOsync

CXOsync has been collaborating enterprise CXO's for nearly a decade. Our events are engineered to bring out the who's who of C-suite leadership and incubate discussions that just don't happen within the confines of the office, a platform where leaders discuss, debate and challenge directions, strategies and share those ever important lessons learned. Explore our portfolio of events at

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Content Partner


GOLD Package PLUS...

✔  Extra attendee (4 Total)

✔ Poll audience pre-                  event for insight.

✔ Exclusive on stage

.       branding

✔ Take STAGE (3 options)

.        + CASE STUDY

.        + CIOpanel

.        + FIRESIDE on stage



Most Popular

Silver Package PLUS...

✔  Live mic'ed intro

✔  Pre-event Pick-List to

.       select who you sit with

.       (up to 14 attendees)

✔  Nominate a client CIO

.       for the CIOpanel

✔  Provide a pre-event

        question for attendees

Exhibit package PLUS...

✔ Complete Attendee                List

✔ Extra attendee (3 Total)

✔ Exclusive branded

.       table for think-tanks

      (up to 14 attendees)

✔ CIOsurvey

✔ 6-8 Adhoc CIOlounge




✔  Exhibit solutions in

        CIOlounge & increase

        exposure using the

        CIOsynergy App onsite

✔  2 attendees

✔  Participate in CIOdraw

.       (making relationships)

✔  FULL access for 1

        attendee throughout

        the Event 

✔  Cost of Access Pass

        credited toward future

        sponsorships within 1

        year at Exhibit or higher




Access Pass


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September 21 , 2017     CIOsynergy        New York

October 05 , 2017          CIOsynergy        Atlanta

October 12 , 2017          CIOCamp           Detroit

October 19 , 2017         CIOsynergy       Denver

November 02 , 2017      CIOsynergy       Houston

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