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Does your enterprise solution harness the power of Channel Partners to gain access to the Office of the CXO?
Do you encourage your Channel Partners to engage in events to gain traction with enterprise prospects?
If budget was NOT an obstacle would you engage in more events with your Channel Partners?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, Channeled is for you!


The World of CXO Marketing is Changing
Today accessing IT decision makers is a timed game of Chess where you must choose the right tools, right moves at the right time and predict your opponents moves before they happen - it's a gamble and your success depends on it.
But You Have a Trump Card ...
… Long ago you realized that you needed to attain Channel Partners to access enterprise decision makers with your solutions. You also mapped out a strategy to support your Channel Partners with the tools and product knowledge they needed to be successful. Your plan included MDF funding, co-sponsorship of Industry events & continual education.
Opportunites are attained from Access & Credibility - that's the missing piece and WE have it.


To help empower Channel Partners, companies spend millions annually to co-sponsor industry events and provide MDF funds. Unfortunately, they lack control over these efforts as they simply buy access into 3rd party events covered in the static of other sponsor solutions, non targeted discussions and an audience sprinkled with irrelevant industries you don't target.
In comes Channeled, an event specificially designed, built and populated for you. Channeled offers both solution and brand awareness to a vetted audience of your target along with Channel Partner value by providing Access & Credibilty to your prospects. Channeled delivers results without the restraints of a budget or limits on time and manpower as it's managed, marketed and delivered by the Channeled team at CIOsynergy and crowd-funded by your partners.
When Channeled builds you a custom event we use the tools, strategies, resources and reach we've attained from running our global CIOsynergy, secureCIO, CIOhealth, CIOdinners, CIOcamps & CIOsports events through North America, Latin America & Europe over the past 13 years.  
100's of companies turn to the CIOsynergy team annually to populate events using our reach and the credibitily of the CIOsynergy brand - now we're extending that reach to you and your Channel Partners through Channeled.
Your Community Has POWER! Unleash That Power With Channeled Events.


Channeled. The Future of IT Event Partnerships Is Here & It's Turnkey


We design, develop and brand your event on your dates in the city of your choice.  We assign a industry renowned moderator, a renowned keynote, and 5 staple CIOs to engage in a staged CIOpanel. 


Our events bring IT decision makers to the table! See for yourself...
Next Steps!
To get the discussion started we'll need to know a few things about your audience and channel partners. So here's what we'll need...

A list of your channel partners that would benefit from sharing your audience.

What Cities are you focusing on for this event?

Your ideal attendee criteria (industry, title, company size)

Our Channeled Events need a minimum of 60 days for execution - are you focusing on specific dates?

Channeled Events provide a powerful opportunity to meet critical decision makers in a interactive 1-day event. Educate CXO leaders with the support of your partners.

Whats the investment for a Channeled event so I can budget it?
Well, actually our model can eliminate any cost from the hosting company - that's YOU. This is because we crowd fund these events through your Channel Partners.


Frequently Asked Questions

Danielle Contreras
Senior Marketing Manager 
CollabNet, Inc.
Our team really enjoyed the event. It was well organized, located in a baeutiful venue, and most importantly, it inspired many valuable conversations.
John Bernard
VP Enterprise Marketing, OSScube
CIOsynergy has turned out to be an excellent lead generation forum. We've been able to develop relationships with senior executives that would otherwise have been almost impossible to meet.






Who markets our Channeled event.
We do all the marketing of your event, this includes web page and registration setup, attendee acquisition, and even material to educate your Channel Partners on the opportunity. We're the ENGINE and you're the CONDUCTOR.
How do you ensure the audience is targeted for our solutions.
You provide the target demographic for your event; either by revenue, # of employees, or industry and the target titles. We do the research and utilize the CIOsynergy community to drive attendance. This ensure it's a prospect rich audience for you and your Channel to engage upon.  
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but is that enough... ?
We create a branded event site, registration system and social media campaign for your event.


We provide onsite credibility to your solution by exclusively engaging and involving your channel partners.


We populate the event specifically to your target market based on the titles, industries and org sizes you sell to. Daily registrations are available to view on our online reports.


The Channeled team will co-create the event theme, attain the venue, manage & execute the marketing, populate the event with approved attendees by managing and executing the registration outreach, along with the onsite setup and execution of the event and its onsite deliverables – including but not limited to onsite branding, attendee brochures, name badges and delivery of post event attendee contact information for all registrants.





Attendees are acquired through research and outreach using leads built in and around the CIOsynergy established community - a community of CIO and IT leaders attained from over 100 annual engagements.