Whether a CIOdinner, a CIOcamp or the CIOsynergy event we bring together the most relevent IT leaders. The CIOdraft matches local audiences from the same peer group while diversifying the industries, hands on experience and roadmaps to give each collaboration its own signature.

With over 38,000 IT leaders profiled, CIOdraft is the new tool in IT leadership education & collaboration. 


This is audience innovation...

Game changing innovative insight is resourced from collaboration, education and real world exposure. The CIOdraft randomly nominates IT leadership assets from the largest enterprises & brands to collaborate. A diverse group of leaders sharing tactics and hurdles in their quest to reinvent the enterprise. A discussion without borders.  

A draft that collaborates top IT leaders  

A New Level of Collaboration

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In the 2015 CIO survey, enterprise IT leaders indicated collaboration as their strongest tool in the innovating the enterprise.

Unrehearsed collaboration within the Office of the CIO

CIOdraft has placed top IT leaders together in collaboration from these companies

Great event tonight.  I enjoyed everyone there!   So I owe you so anytime you need a CISO on your panel call me!!!

Gary Coverdale CISO, County of Napa

The panel discussions were great.  Nothing scripted. Just open discussion.

William (Bill) Fenner Director Jackson Walker LLP 

I thought the format and interaction was one of the best I’ve seen in the many events of this type that I’ve attended in the 30 odd years that I’ve been doing this thing.

Ted Layne SVP, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Great day, well organized and well executed.

Steven Butler VP IT, Tensar

"This was great.  Thanks for twisting my arm to attend this event, one of the most insightful talks I had ever heard, but the 6-panel Tell-All was my favorite part by far, I wish THAT lasted all day."

Bryan Panjavan Dir IT, Vista Energy Marketing

Quite a distinguished list of professionals. It was very timely and right in my field.

Colin Slowik Director Information Security, HCSC

What Attending IT Leaders Are Saying

3 Event Models. Limitless Insight. 


Keeping the conversation live, real and relevant requires an ongoing dialogue that continually pushes the boundaries of thought-leadership.

The CIOdraft is an industry first that randomly selects a diverse group of IT leaders to bring a host of challenges to the table. All selected executives are given 3-days to secure their seat for a day of exchange among an audience of local peers who share the same challenges but deploy a diverse range of measures. 

You could be tomorrow's draft pick!